• Our weekly 1 hour Basic Pitching Classes will be offered on Sundays and Mondays in June, July, and August. These sessions will identify and improve on a pitcher’s basic and advanced pitching mechanics. Players will learn to throw to specific locations, pitch from the stretch and windup, and develop a safe, effective, and consistent throwing motion with the goal of throwing 60% strikes or more. Read More
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    Join us weekly on Sundays in July and August  for a 2 hour SOFTBALL ONLY training opportunity. Join Jeff Pinkman and Jordan Foster in our Summer Pitch and Hit Training Classes. Our drop-in style training classes allow families to pick and choose the weeks they would like to attend.

  • In our unique 2 hour training class softball players will hit for one hour and pitch for one hour. Pitch and Hit Class Fee $60 — 3-pack Class $150
    • During the Hitting sessions players will learn to improve how to develop a more consistent and powerful swing to hit the ball faster and further in to the outfield.
    • During the Softball Pitching sessions pitchers will specialize in pitching fundamentals and increasing explosiveness. Our goal is to emphasize teaching players the effective use of their body to create a more repetitive and efficient throwing motion helping pitchers throw faster and straighter
  • Interested in attending just a 1-hour class? Single Class fee $353-pack Class Fee $90
    • Pitchers may join the Pitching Only Class from 2p-3p
    • or
    • Hitters may join the Hitting Only Class from 3p-4p


    • July 9, 16, 23
    • Aug 6, 13, 20

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    • Our 1hr “drop-in” style Winter Training Classes will focus on creating a throwing routine to prepare for high school practice that begin on Feb 20. Players may attend one or several of the classes offered, there is no long-term commitment. Classes will begin in December and run through February.
    • These new Winter Training Classes are designed to provide players the opportunity to learn new skills or to fine-tune their existing abilities in a small group environment. Since 1996 we have provided 7 and 10 week long camps. Players enrolled in those camps have also attended private lessons creating a continuing education opportunity to enhance their learning during the winter training season. We have created these drop-in style small group (4 players) classes to allow players the chance to attend a second or third learning opportunity with us during the week to continue their education and skill development.

    Join us this winter for our 1 hour classes on how to throw Off Speed Pitches. Offered on Saturdays this class will cover the importance of a quality and the art of a CHANGE UP, introduce players to a CUT-FASTBALL (which can be just as effective as a curveball), and finally showcase how to properly throw the elusive CURVEBALL.

Join us on Sundays at 5pm in January and February for a 1 hour opportunity to improve on your Left Handed or Right Handed Pick Off Move. This class will focus on the unique and powerful responsibilities of developing a quality Pick off move. The ideal candidate for participating in this clinic will be a pitcher who is currently playing on the 50/70 or 60/90 foot field. READ MORE

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