• Our weekly 1 hour Basic Pitching Classes will be offered beginning September 11th and running through October. These sessions will identify and improve on a pitcher’s basic and advanced pitching mechanics. Players will learn to throw to specific locations, pitch from the stretch and windup, and develop a safe, effective, and consistent throwing motion with the goal of throwing 60% strikes or more. Read More




    Join us weekly during the Spring season for our SOFTBALL training opportunities. Join Jeff Pinkman and Jordan Foster in our separate Spring Pitching and Hitting Training Classes. Our drop-in style training classes allow families to pick and choose the classes they would like to attend.

    • During the Hitting classes players will learn to improve how to develop a more consistent and powerful swing to hit the ball faster and further in to the outfield.
    • During the Softball Pitching classes pitchers will specialize in pitching fundamentals and increasing explosiveness. Our goal is to emphasize teaching players the effective use of their body to create a more repetitive and efficient throwing motion helping pitchers throw faster and straighter
  • In our small group training classes softball players will either hit for one hour or pitch for one hour.
    • ** NOTE — Purchased Individual and 3-pack Classes will expire at the end of October. Refunds will not be provided for unused purchases**
  • Pitching Class (with Jordan Foster) Fee $35 — 3-pack Class Fee $90
  • Hitting Class (with Jeff Pinkman) Fee $50 — 3-pack Class Fee $135





    • Our 1hr “drop-in” style Winter Training Classes will focus on creating a throwing routine to prepare for high school practice that begin on Feb 20. Players may attend one or several of the classes offered, there is no long-term commitment. Classes will begin in December and run through February.
    • These new Winter Training Classes are designed to provide players the opportunity to learn new skills or to fine-tune their existing abilities in a small group environment. Since 1996 we have provided 7 and 10 week long camps. Players enrolled in those camps have also attended private lessons creating a continuing education opportunity to enhance their learning during the winter training season. We have created these drop-in style small group (4 players) classes to allow players the chance to attend a second or third learning opportunity with us during the week to continue their education and skill development.

    Join us this winter for our 1 hour classes on how to throw Off Speed Pitches. Offered on Saturdays this class will cover the importance of a quality and the art of a CHANGE UP, introduce players to a CUT-FASTBALL (which can be just as effective as a curveball), and finally showcase how to properly throw the elusive CURVEBALL.

Join us on Sundays at 5pm in January and February for a 1 hour opportunity to improve on your Left Handed or Right Handed Pick Off Move. This class will focus on the unique and powerful responsibilities of developing a quality Pick off move. The ideal candidate for participating in this clinic will be a pitcher who is currently playing on the 50/70 or 60/90 foot field. READ MORE


Classes to be announced

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